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Lip Enhancement

Are you looking to plump up your lips?

Here at Fresh Faced Aesthetics, Lip Enhancement (or Lip Augmentation) is one of our most popular treatments due to its ability to enhance the appearance of thin, aged or asymmetrical lips – leaving the patient with a naturally beautifully pout and shapely lips. Rachel our nurse is well known for this treatment alone and the results speak from themselves.

How do you do it?

Injectable lip enhancement is the procedure of strategically injecting dermal fillers into certain areas of the lips (and the surrounding areas) to enhance, shape and add volume to the lips – as well as to reduce the surrounding wrinkles.

Prior to your treatment, we will also take the time to discuss your needs and what look you would like to achieve, as well as your personal preferences. You can contact us today to book your complimentary consultation.

What is involved?

The treatment is carried out by our skilled aesthetician nurse, Rachel who will inject 1ml or 0.55ml pre-filled syringes of dermal filler with a very fine needle to each area.

Throughout the treatment the discomfort is mild to moderate – however we always apply an anaesthetic cream 20 to 30 minutes prior to the treatment taking place to ensure that it is as pain free as possible.

Initially, there will be some swelling (and sometimes bruising) in the lip area due to the nature of the procedure. However, this should quickly subside and settle down a few days later to reveal plump and newly defined lips.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes as little as thirty minutes – however numbing cream must be applied by our trained aesthetician 20-30 minutes before.

What are the results?

Following the first treatment, your beautiful, natural and immediate results will last around six months. However, this may vary depending on your lifestyle, skin structure, age and degree of perfection demanded – to which you are free to have top ups when you feel necessary to maintain the volume of your lips.

At Fresh Faced Aesthetics we will always use a premium range of dermal fillers to ensure that quality is never sacrificed, with our favourite choice creating long lasting results to ensure that your lips maintain their shape and size for twelve to eighteen months post treatment – which is longer in comparison to other standard dermal fillers available on the market.