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Here at Fresh Faced Aesthetics we offer a wide range of facials to ensure that every skin type and condition is treated.

Zo Facial

Here at Fresh Faced Aesthetics, we are proud to stock and sell the Zo Skin Health Skincare Range, which we use to create personlised treatment packages to ensure that your skin needs and goals are met and achieved.

Our range of tailored treatments includes the ZO Glow Facial – a type of stimulation peel which is mild on the skin and works to brighten your complexion. This is also an excellent introductory treatment, as it allows our clients to gain a great insight into the ZO line whilst in the hands of our fully-trained professionals. You can read more about this below:

Intro to Zo Facial

This introductory ZO facial allows our clients to try out five fundamental products from the leading skincare range.

The facial will begin with a dermaplane treatment to ensure better product absorption – allowing for you to gain an insight of how your skin will feel and look from using the five products on a daily basis.

Zo Skin Brightening Treatment – £70

Everybody dreams of having bright, healthy and glowing skin – and this facial was created to do just that!

To begin with we will vigorously massage a potent dose of 10% Vitamin C – followed by a 10 minute ZO brightening masque. The treatment will then conclude with 20 minutes of LED Dermaxlux Light Therapy.

This treatment also includes a complimentary brightening treatment to take home too.

Fire & Ice Facial

Our Fire & Ice Facial is one of the most popular treatments here at the clinic which when combined with dermaplaning provides maximum results.

Due to its popularity with stars such as Michelle Keegan, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow, this rejuvenating facial is  also known as “The Red Carpet Treatment” in Los Angeles and blurs the gap between a mild facial and an invasive peel – with no downtime needed afterwards, making it the perfect pick-me up before a trip or event.

The Fire & Ice Facial also gains its name from the 18% glycolic peel clay masque which fluctuates the skins temperature and produces a tingle during the treatment – which is then followed by an instant cooling treatment. Overall, there are ten stages to this facial, with each one working to rejuvenate the skin.

Driven by results, this facial is designed to resurface the skin texture, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal – resulting in a bright, glowing, hydrated and pore-refined complexion.

Express Dermaplane

Dermaplaning is a quick and painless facial treatment in which the top-surface dead skin cells and the tiny villous facial are removed using a sterile scalpel blade. As one of our most-popular treatments, this effective facial exfoliation treatment stimulates radiant, healthy skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Our patients also find that their makeup and skincare products blend into the skin seamlessly following their treatment.

Deluxe Dermaplane

For when an indulgent pamper is required, we recommend our Deluxe Dermaplane facial.

Following an initial skin assessment, our trained therapist will begin with a double cleanse of the skin, as well as an exfoliation using a magnesium crystal scrub. A sterile surgical blade will then work to gently exfoliate your skin, before it is pampered with a selection of Zo Skin Health Products – including their ten minute brightening masque.

This treatment also includes a complimentary brightening treatment to take home too.

Problematic Skin Facial

Our Problematic Skin Facial is ideal for those with dry, flakey skin, who suffer from redness, as well as those who struggle with oily skin and breakouts.

Prior to your treatment, we will select the correct products to best match and treat your current skin complaints. Once they have been applied, your treatment will then conclude with twenty minutes of light therapy – which again will be suited to meet your own individual skin needs. You can read further information about our LED therapy here.

We will also apply a nourishing SPF and a soothing moisturiser to ensure the best results are achieved.

Stimulator Peel

If you have been considering a facial peel but feel a little nervous, then the Stimulator Peel is the perfect treatment for you.

Much loved by celebrities, this superficial peel is a favourite before big events as it creates a glowing, rejuvenated complexion, as well as helping to reduce the appearance of breakouts.

The peel uses a combination of the following three exfoliating ingredients; glycolic, lactic and citric acids. Which when used together slough away the dead skin cells and any superficial blemishes to reveal fresh, clear skin underneath.

It also stimulates the cell turnover for continued improvement to the skin – making it the ideal treatment for those with dull skin, large pores, sun damage, fine lines and uneven texture.

As it is superficial, this treatment requires no downtime and results in no peeling or flaking, allowing for you to resume with your day-to-day life straight away.

Champagne Foaming Enzyme Facial

The Champagne Foaming Enzyme Facial was given its name due to the fact that it foams up and fizzes on the skin due to the treatments foaming enzyme masque system.

As the ultimate results-driven facial, it is designed to revive tired and congested skin in an instant. Enriched with papaya and pineapple enzymes, this powerful yet soothing treatment also includes a clinical level grade of glycolic acid. Which when combined together produces a luxurious foam, whilst the bio-active ingredients exfoliate and deeply cleanse the pores – resulting in a polished, radiant complexion.

This is also a fantastic treatment to have before a special occasion or event due to it’s instant smoothing and brightening properties.